"The roughest betrayal is the one that comes from deep within. Dismantling Vindictiveness" is a novel following Christopher Parker as he deals with the collapse of his company, and the collapse of his health, leading him to what may be a death of uncertainty. As he struggles to find closure and the one who sabotaged his company, he finds help from the most unlikely of sources. Dismantling Vindictiveness is a fast paced read with plenty of twists and turns, recommended." -Midwest Book Review

"I read a mystery by the author Lillian R Melendez called Dismantling Vindictiveness. It is a story of Christopher Parker and co-workers, and family members. Someone is trying to sabotage him and his business. Every time I thought I figured it out something else would happen. He has his nephew, and his friend helping him. There is also a writer for the Discloser Daily Tribune helping out too. In the end its the last one I expected. I hope Lillian will write some more books like this.I cant wait to read some more of her books. It was a great book." -Way2Kool Designs 

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"The book itself is quite an enjoyable read, complete with engrossing dialogue between characters and a sensation of intrigue & conspiracy that are ever-present. You'll find yourself jumping into this book with both feet and won't have any problem with contrived plot points or settlement into boredom, simply because there isn't any there. headed on a path to become a valued member of the mystery-writing contingent, and if you want a good old-fashioned whodunit, this is the narrative to submerge your optical organs into - read on & ENJOY!"- Killer Reviews
"Great story, unique circumstances and excellently portrayed emotions. Give it a read, you'll agree! 
-Kelly Smith Reviews
"Check this book out as soon as you can if you enjoy crime novels. It's a fast, fun, head-scratching read!"-Kelly Smith Reviews